If you have a smartphone you can easily download one of those freeware dictionary applycations, wich you can find in google store.

Since I was at an intermediate level ( in German), I preffer to use monolingual dictionaries because they helped me to learn thinking in a foreign language.

Here you find a list with my favourite electronic dictionaries with detailed entrys, sample sentences and autospeak function.

Multilingual dictionaries:

Magyar Német Online  (Hungarian – German)

Orosz Szótár cirill billentyűzettel (Hungarian -Russian)

DictZone szótár (Hungarian – English etc.) | Wörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch (German – English etc.)

The Russian Dictionary Tree (English – Russian)

Monolingual dictionaries, encyclopedia and thesaurus

The free dictionary by Farlex (dictionary, encyclopedia and thesaurus in English)

Викисловарь (Russian language version of Wikipedia dictionary)

Sokr Ru (Russian dictionary of abbreviation)

DUDEN (ultimate guide for German language)

Howjsay (free online talking dictionary)